About the National Technical Honor Society

hunter honor societyThe National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) is an organization that celebrates outstanding career and technical students of workforce vocational education institutions in the United States.

NTHS serves over 3,800 member schools, both secondary and post-secondary, and has a footprint in all 50 states, with chapters expanding into the Bahamas, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, and Guam. In addition to extolling the achievements of leading career and technical education students, it provides scholarships and cultivates excellence in today’s highly competitive, skilled workforce.

The goals of the National Technical Honor Society include

  • Rewarding excellence in workforce education
  • Developing self-esteem and pride
  • Encouraging students to reach higher levels of achievement
  • Promoting strong values—honesty, responsibility, initiative, teamwork, leadership, citizenship, and scholarship
  • Helping schools build effective business partnerships
  • Building a strong, positive image for workforce education in America1

The Honor Society at Hunter

Hunter Business School became a recognized National Technical Honor Society chapter on January 15, 2016. Inductees are chosen every six weeks once a list of technical students has been issued by the education director at each campus. It is a highly selective process. Hunter Business School’s first induction ceremony was in March 2016.

The criteria for inclusion are

  • Cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or better (between A- and A)
  • Attendance of 95% or higher, not including make-up hours
  • Faculty endorsement from an instructor, program chairperson, or the director of education
  • Completion of at least 80% of a student’s program
  • Demonstration of workplace values, honesty, technical skills, teamwork, loyalty, leadership, and commitment to personal and professional excellence
  • Enrollment in a program of at least 600 hours in length

Benefits of Membership

Inductees receive a certificate of achievement, membership card and pin, special tassel for the Hunter Business School graduation ceremony, and a window decal. They earn the opportunity to apply for both scholarships offered by National Technical Honor Society and for letters of recommendation for future employment, education, and other scholarships.


Please note that members can be dropped from the society if a grade point average of 3.75 or higher is not maintained and the attendance criterion is not met.

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