Laura, a nursing graduate, describes, “So, I’m a licensed practical nurse at a nursing home, and I’m also a lab assistant here. “I was a stay-at-home mom, and Hunter Business School offered night classes for licensed practical nursing, and it was the first step that I needed to start my career in nursing. “The Career …


Computer Technician Networking Specialist graduate, Joe, explains, “Well, before I came to Hunter Business School, I was working in retail, managing a retail pharmacy. I’d been doing it for about a decade. “I was extremely unhappy in my position, unhappy where my career was going. So I made the choice to come to Hunter Business …


John, a Medical Assistant student, explains, “The instructors are first-rate. All of them are either currently in the medical industry or have been in the medical industry, so they really know their stuff. They can give you their real-life experiences in what they’ve experienced on the job scene, knowing what to expect when you get …


Christina, a Medical Assistant graduate, explains, “I actually made a career change late in life. I was a corporate woman, and I had a calling for the health care industry my whole life. And I didn’t want to look back one day and regret, so I made a switch and pursued what I wanted. “The …


Best school ever! When I graduated, I got placed with the best job, and I’m still there to this day, loving what I do. Thanks, Hunter, for the experience!

The teachers, also—each and every one—are the best. Mr. B., Noel, and Dr. Bains were very helpful teachers. And Laura was amazing for job placement. Thanks everyone.


Hunter Business School was my best experience as a student. Dr. Bains was not only a great instructor but a great mentor too. She was very involved with each student to ensure everyone passed the NCCT Certification exam. Career Service Advisor Ms. Laura Saracena was great as well in helping students find a job even before graduation. Kudos to Hunter!


I have finally completed what seemed impossible, but I am so proud to be an LPN. Now I can start off by saying YES, there were MANY bumps in the road…This message is only meant for one positive message though: YOU CAN DO IT.

To all current Hunter LPN students and those considering applying, I do recommend this program…Keep your eyes on your prize, and stay positive. There are really great employees whose hearts are truly with you.

To me the 35-60 minute drive from Suffolk County became bearable. The tuition is affordable. The environment is clean, friendly, and very accommodating for resources. My enrollment process was very fast and organized.

Take this little advice from someone who struggled, failed, almost gave up, cried, and fought to say I DID IT, I PASSED my NCLEX, and only a week later I’m EMPLOYED.