Alfredo Alffy Alvarez

Best school ever! When I graduated, I got placed with the best job, and I’m still there to this day, loving what I do. Thanks, Hunter, for the experience!

The teachers, also—each and every one—are the best. Mr. B., Noel, and Dr. Bains were very helpful teachers. And Laura was amazing for job placement. Thanks everyone.

JoJo P. Belocura

Hunter Business School was my best experience as a student. Dr. Bains was not only a great instructor but a great mentor too. She was very involved with each students to ensure everyone pass the NCCT Certification exam. Career Service Advisor Ms. Laura Saracena was great as well in helping students find a job even before graduation. Kudos to Hunter!

Amber Weiss

Practical Nursing

I have finally completed what seemed impossible, but I am so proud to be an LPN. Now I can start off by saying YES, there were MANY bumps in the road…This message is only meant for one positive message though: YOU CAN DO IT.

To all current Hunter LPN students and those considering applying, I do recommend this program…Keep your eyes on your prize, and stay positive. There are really great employees whose hearts are truly with you. To me the 35-60 minute drive from Suffolk County became bearable. The tuition is affordable. The environment is clean, friendly, and very accommodating for resources. My enrollment process was very fast and organized.

Take this little advice from someone who struggled, failed, almost gave up, cried, and fought to say I DID IT, I PASSED my NCLEX, and only a week later I’m EMPLOYED.

Kathleen Mahoney

Computer Technician Networking Specialist

I am attending the Computer Technician Networking Specialist evening program in Medford. This program offers everything needed to work in the computer repair and networking fields.

I am only halfway through the course and am amazed at how much I have learned in this short a span of time. My course is fifteen months and can be completed in just seven months during the day, but like most people, I needed to keep my income from my day job.

Office staff is wonderful, teachers are excellent. I can’t say enough about this school and the CTNS program at the Medford campus.

Michelle Lynch Stein

I went to this school from the end of 2013 to 2015, and it did wonders for me from admin to the teachers. I would recommend it to anyone! They gave me two letters of recommendation, and now I’m considering going back to them and for another program they began to offer. It’s just a matter of how I can fit it in with my work schedule.

But I would go there before I would any other technical or vocational school. Plus, I would need to take the ATI/TEAS test for the program I want to take. I am so scared to take that test, it’s deterring me from trying. Meanwhile, I maintained a 4.0 all through school, but I hate tests. Ugh!

Neil Anthony Facci

The teachers are great. They are very helpful explaining and answering any questions you may have. I had a very positive experience overall and would encourage others to think about giving Hunter Business School [a chance] to learn useful skills to get employed.

And before I forget, the admissions department and career counseling services are top-notch, too. Sign up now, and you’ll be on the way to a new journey in your work life.